Seller Supreme Program

Reach your ultimate seller potential!

Seller Supreme is a special, benefit-rich program for sellers with verified businesses. To join, simply upgrade your seller account to a G2A Business Account. Join Seller Supreme today!

The basic rule is simple: the more you sell each quarter, the better terms you get for the next one!

Once you are eligible to join Seller Supreme, you will see the following on your dashboard:

To join the program, you need to become a seller at G2A.COM and upgrade your account to Business. Don’t worry, it’s a very simple process – this guide will help you go through it smoothly.

Once you fill in the verification form, stay tuned until verification is complete.

Once verified, you will see a turnover meter on your Dashboard when you log in.

Once verification is completed, from the next quarter, you will be awarded a rank based on what you have already earned this quarter.

There are 6 levels: Rising Star Silver Gold Platinum Diamond VIP

Let’s say you joined the program on December 14th – your turnover (sum of transactions made in the last quarter) will be measured from the beginning of Q3 (that is October 1st). Let’s say your turnover is 9,000€ when you join Seller Supreme. In this case you earn the Silver rank. Also, you still have a chance to achieve a turnover of 10,000€ until December 31st and start the next quarter as a Gold Seller.

The better your turnover, the higher the level you’ll reach in the next quarter! This means you can go from Silver in Q3 to Platinum in Q4, or even higher.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Seller Supreme:

Dedicated Account Manager – as a Seller Supreme member you will receive a personal assistant, who will be there to provide you with business advice and help through your favorite communication channels.

Lower Product Commission – depending on how much you sell each quarter, your commission fee may be reduced to even 8.8%!

Lower Successful Transaction Fees – your transaction fee can be reduced from 0.35 to 0.30€.

Faster Transfer Processing – tired of waiting for payouts? That time can be reduced to 7 days when you reach the VIP level.

Remember! The selling level you reach depends on your performance at the end of each quarter. Make sure you sell as much as possible within the next 90 days to earn an even higher rank next time! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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