1. What you can sell

You can sell a variety of gaming and gaming related items on Gameflip. Whatever our gaming community enjoys, you can sell them here, except for any unlawful & prohibited items of course.

Here are the popular categories you can sell:

  • Digital or Physical Video Games

    New or pre-owned physical games or unuseddigital downloads or game keys for Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and older consoles & handhelds.

  • In-Game Items & Skins

    Got CS:GO, DoTA2, H1Z1, or Rocket League items? Sell them here for real cash.

  • Gift Cards

    Gift cards for Steam, PSN, Xbox, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

  • Blu-rays, DVDs, Digital Movies

  • Accessories, Collectibles, and Consoles

    Controllers, headsets, complete console systems or classic toys & collectibles

2. Create a new account

Selling an item on Gameflip requires an account to accept buyer payment on your behalf.

Register for a Gameflip account is quick and free. So when you’re ready, simply click the Sign Up button below or in the top right corner of the header to get started!

3. List your item

Once logged into your account, click the Sell button in the header, or go to the Listings section of your account.

Follow the on screen options to choose the type of item that you want to list, category, description, and price. You must describe your item accurately and as detail as possible for a smooth transaction.

A reasonable price will sell faster, and we recommend that you compare your listing price with others to be competitive and sell faster.

4. When your listing is sold!

You’ve now listed your item on Gameflip marketplace, and you will be notified when your listing is sold. You can edit and re-list your item any time to increase your chance on a sale.

We will notify you by email and in-app once your item has been purchased and guide you through each step to complete the transaction.

We recommend that you also use our mobile iOS or Android apps to check and be notified of your sale on the go.

5. Get Paid

Once the buyer has received your item and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Wallet.

You can then withdraw your Cash from Sale Proceeds into your bank account or PayPal at any time, or you can use your balance to purchase any thing on Gameflip.

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